Dmitri Globa


I was Born in Kerch,1982. As a child I loved to fantazise of the demonic  imagery that would run through my mind. I began to be inspired by dark embien and metal music. As well as worlds full of aliens and demons that were greatly influenced by H.R Giger , Wes Craven, and the entire horror genre.  I was immadietly hooked and wanted to create what I imagined as a child right infront of me. I became very partial to bio-mechanical art, and tattoos.  I learned about the amount of time and patience it takes to recieve a tattoo as well as give one, so I definitely didn’t want to make any mistakes if this was the road i was going to take. I believe in the stength and power that art  holds in which  it can change people`s  lives... I`ve always considered  tattooing as a form of art i wanted to learn.  I always enjoy what I tattoo, and I always spend as much time as need to make a it look perfect. I`ve got my own style and you can find it on some of my custom tattoos and art work. I built up more experience  working at a shop in Etobicoke, along side another artist named Guy Abergel who I surprisingly had a lot in common with. We shared the same attitude about art and work ethic. We became good friends very quickly and after some time we left that shop and opened up our dream shop, Art Studio Tattoos.


Anna Globa


Born in Germany in 1985, i was brought up as a very creative girl. Growing up, I took many varieties of art classes, like drawing, painting, pottery , all kinds of craft, etc.


My art inspiration has always been Boris Valejo with his ultra-realistic surrealism, and humans, for we are beautiful creatures!

I have been a Permanent Makeup Artist since 2006, continuing education and growing in this industry ever since. I am proud to finally to be a part of  Art Studio Tattoos Aurora, and can't wait to welcome you here!

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