About Us


Art Studio Tattoos (AST) was started by both Dmitri Globa and Guy Abergel, who have worked side by side for many years. Art studio tattoos  believe that a sterile and professional work environment are among one of the many things anyone should come to expect form a tattoo shop, along with great artists and great attitudes. AST is an artist owned shop that cares about its clientele and values repeat business. This is NOT a flash shop, we always give out clients 100% custom original artwork,  AST is outside the box of your typical standard tattoo shop. A true Art Studio. To serve you better we recently renovated our  facility giving it a more pleasant and modern look. We always welcome our returning and new customers.

About the Shop


With a bright and spacious shop, not only will you feel warm and welcome but, you won’t have to worry about the public being able to view the process of your tattoo. The studios are very spacious and private for the clients benefit. The most important things to remember when getting a tattoo at AST is all of our materials are 100% sterile  and disposable. Everything we use is cleaned wiped down and sterilized, everything from machine bags, clip cord sleeves to needles and tubes get discarded after every use. All our needles and tubes are pre-sterilized from the manufacturer with a great reputation. Bio hazardous waste is disposed of properly, AST is Ontario Health inspected and approved.

Our Tattoos


Once your tattoo is completed, you’ll be informed on how to take care of your tattoo verbally as well you’ll leave with a pamphlet explaining the aftercare procedure. This will make sure your new tattoo will heal properly and ensure that you might only need very minor touch ups if any. Touch ups are necessary to the tattoo, because of the healing process, and depending on skin type, everyone heals at their own pace and some tattoos may need more work after healing than others, our aftercare procedure also ensure the best result, and provided that aftercare was followed correctly touch ups are complimentary only once. For more information on Tattoo after care please check our "frequently asked questions" 

Our Services

As a new addition to our tattoo art we now offer cosmetic tattooing, like permanent make up, areola restoration, scar camouflage etc.

You can also purchase tattoo aftercare,our original art and prints, piercing jewelry and apparel with our logo in store.

Our Cancellation  Policy


A NON- REFUNDABLE deposit is required to book your appointment,which is applied to the total cost of your tattoo. If you wish to make changes or to cancel your appointment , please do so at least 48 hours (2 days)  before your appointment. If less then 48 hours notice is given we reserve the right to keep the non-refundable  deposit, and in this case it will NOT be applied towards the cost of your tattoo. 

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